Volume 7: 2010

Article: The Section 2 Debate: Should Lenity Play a Role? (.pdf)

Mark S. Popofsky


Article: Dining with Tax Collectors: Reducing the Tax Gap Through Church-Government Partnerships (.pdf)

W. Edward Afield


Article:  Home is Where the HQ is: Corporate Citizenship Following the Supreme Court's Decision in Hertz Corp. v. Friend (.pdf)

Keena M. Hausman, Paul A Rosenthal, and Sean-Patrick Wilson


Article:  State Homestead Exemptions and Bankruptcy Law: Is it Time for Congress to Close the Loophole? (.pdf)

Victor D. Lopez


Comment:  Milavetz v. United States: So Bankruptcy Attorneys are Debt Relief Agencies, Right? (.pdf)

Patrick J. Davis


Comment:  Originalism and Citizens United: The Struggle of Corporate Personhood (.pdf)

Amanda D. Johnson


Note:  The Impact of President Obama's Fiscal Regulatory Reform Proposals on the Life Insurance Industry (.pdf)

Charles Pall


Volume 6: 2009

Article: Cyber Security in the National Market System (.pdf)

Supriya Sarnikar and D. Bruce Johnsen


Article:  REITs Amidst the Current Real Estate Crisis: An Analysis of the REITs Investment Diversification and Empowerment Act (.pdf)

Patrick Monroe


Excerpt:  Federal Reserve Policy from the Dot-Com Bubble to the "Subprime Mess": A Story of Two Ups and Two Downs (.pdf)

Farrokh Langdana


Volume 5: 2008

Article: The Uptick Rule of Short Sale Regulation: Can it Alleviate Downward Price Pressure From Negative Earnings Shocks? (.pdf)

Lynn Bai


Article:  The Sarbanes Oxley Act: “Big Brother is Watching You” or Adequate Measures of Corporate Governance Regulation? (.pdf)

Bernhard Kuschnik


Note:  Chapter 15 Cross-Border Insolvency: Is It True To Its Universalism Aspirations? (.pdf)

Ksenia V. Proskurchenko



Volume 4: 2007

Article: High Pressure Sales Tactics and

Dead Trees:  What to Do with Promoters’

Pre-Incorporation Contracts (.pdf)

William J. Rands


Note:  Tilting the Scale in Favor of

Debtors:  In Light of BAPCPA’s

Amendment in Section 366 (.pdf)

Geida D. Sanlate



The Liquidity Premium

Michael J. Chafkin,

Vice President, Citi Issuer Services

Citibank, N.A.



Volume 3:  2006

Article:  An Empirical Analysis of the Causes of Consumer Bankruptcy: Will Bankruptcy Reform Really Change Anything? (.pdf)
Robert J. Landry, III



Volume 1, 2002-03.

Volume 2, 2005-05.





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